Areas of Activity

Areas of Activity


  • To contribute to the achievement of the highest professional and scientific standards in the field of colorectal surgery in our country; to carry out all kinds of studies for physicians dealing with colorectal surgery to reach the highest standards in this field.
  • To support the development, improvement, and the involvement of Colorectal surgery area;
    • In the fields of continuing medical education and professional development after graduation,
    • In general surgery and other related specialty training,
    • In pre-graduation education.
  • To collect, interpret and disseminate scientific information on colorectal surgery. For this purpose, to organize regular scientific meetings (such as congresses, courses, seminars, symposiums, panels, etc.), and prepare scientific publications (such as peer-reviewed journals, books, etc.); to ensure the effective use of electronic media (such as web, e-groups) for educational purposes; to assure that the scientific and educational activities of the association are within the Turkish Medical Association-Continuing Medical Education crediting system so that the members can obtain credit points from continuous medical education activities.
  • To make an effort to inform the society, patients, healthcare professionals and administrators about the causes, diagnosis, treatment methods and prevention of colorectal diseases, and to release publication for these purposes.
  • To cooperate with other national and international organizations in the field of colorectal surgery.
  • To strive for colorectal surgery to become a sub-specialty area that can be studied on top of general surgery major (to make an effort for law and regulation changes, for establishing educational infrastructure and determining content / standards).  
  • To strive for the colorectal surgery field to become a board field in our country (to start the work of the board within the Society).  
  • To create human resources planning and policies in the field of colorectal surgery.


  • To encourage, lead and support high quality clinical, epidemiological and other scientific studies in the field of colorectal surgery.
  • To provide the basic national data on colorectal cancer and to popularize the results of the studies produced.
  • To find resources to support research in the field of colorectal surgery, to encourage other organizations and collaborate with them, and coordinating and managing joint work.
  • To establish work groups, committees and task groups in order to ensure the exchange and production of scientific information among its members.
  • To provide support, awards and scholarships to researchers working in the field of colorectal surgery.

Patient Care

  • To encourage and support the provision of the highest level of clinical care (diagnosis, treatment and prevention) services for colorectal diseases and to conduct research and studies for this purpose and to set standards.
  • To create and spread guidelines for the most appropriate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of colorectal cancer, and to carry out necessary activities for the implementation of these guidelines.
  • To conduct research, monitoring and evaluations and to bring forward recommendations on the infrastructure, quality, cost and health policies of health services provided at all levels in the field of colorectal diseases.
  • To encourage and improve the application of ethical standards in patient care services.

Public Health

  • To contribute to national policy formulation, especially regarding colorectal cancers, and to the education of the society. To conduct research and studies on the social costs/ burdens of diseases and on the reduction of these factors.
  • To protect the society from colorectal diseases, especially colorectal cancers; and to take initiatives at the level of government, non-governmental organizations, healthcare professionals and the public to improve the situation regarding existing diseases; to inform the society and patients; to provide all kinds of information, records, documents and publications necessary; to establish a documentation center; to make publications such as newspapers, magazines, books, bulletins; and to make statements. 
  • To participate in all activities aimed at preventing colorectal diseases and improving patient care, to cooperate closely with all national and international individuals, institutions and organizations with similar goals.


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