TSCRS Virtual Academy

TSCRS Virtual Academy: Why should I use it?

  • TSCRS Virtual Academy is an online training platform that contains 67 modules with 501 lessons.
  • There are 151 worldwide professional trainers.
  • All presentations are video supported prerecorded trainings.
  • It covers all the colorectal surgery curriculum.
  • Almost all surgical procedures related to colorectal surgery and proctology are presented with training videos.
  • All lessons are updated whenever necessary.
  • No society membership is required, signing in to the web site is all you need.
  • TSCRS Virtual Academy is free of charge.


TSCRS Congresses

20th: Turkish Colon and Rectal Surgery Congress

  • 16 Mayıs 2025 Cuma
  • Susesi Convention Center - Antalya, Turkey

19th: Turkish Colon and Rectal Surgery Congress

  • 16 Mayıs 2023 Salı
  • Susesi Convention Center - Antalya, Turkey



Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease

Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease
Current Issue: 2023, Volume 33, Issue 4


Fatma Ayça Gültekin


Systematic Review of the Effect of Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs on the Exacerbation of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Monia Hayazei, Manar Abed, Semra Demirli Atıcı, Shahzaib Ahmad, Alaa El-Hussuna

Research Article

Fournier’s Gangrene in the Turkish Population: A Two-Decade Analysis
Özgen Işık, Murat Şen, Deniz Sığırlı, Tuncay Yılmazlar

The Effect of a Warm Menthol Oil Sitz Bath on Pain After Hemorrhoidectomy
Sena Melike Taşcı, Sonay Göktaş

Pit-Picking with Laser Treatment Versus Pit-Picking Alone in Pilonidal Disease: Retrospective Mid-Term Results
Ciğdem Arslan, Eyüp Deniz, Yaşar Özdenkaya

Validation of the Turkish version of the Quality of Life in Patients with Anal Fistula Questionnaire
Mehmet Ali Koç, Kerem Özgü, Derya Gökmen, Mehmet Süha Sevinç, Şiyar Ersöz, Cihangir Akyol

Case Report

Challenging Perineal Hernia Management Following Extralevator Abdominoperineal Excision: A Compelling Case Report
Jothinathan Muniandy, Siaw Jia Yng, April Camilla Roslani

Letter to the Editor

Comment on “The Impact of Body Mass Index on Oncological Outcomes of Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: A Comparative Study in a High Obesity Rate Country”
Serkan Sucu, Salih N. Karahan, Ahmet Rencüzoğulları


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