TSCRS Virtual Academy: Why should I use it?

  • TSCRS Virtual Academy is an online training platform that contains 67 modules with 501 lessons.
  • There are 151 worldwide professional trainers.
  • All presentations are video supported prerecorded trainings.
  • It covers all the colorectal surgery curriculum.
  • Almost all surgical procedures related to colorectal surgery and proctology are presented with training videos.
  • All lessons are updated whenever necessary.
  • No society membership is required, signing in to the web site is all you need.
  • TSCRS Virtual Academy is free of charge.


TSCRS Congresses

20th: Turkish Colon and Rectal Surgery Congress

  • 16 Mayıs 2025 Cuma
  • Susesi Convention Center - Antalya, Turkey

19th: Turkish Colon and Rectal Surgery Congress

  • 16 Mayıs 2023 Salı
  • Susesi Convention Center - Antalya, Turkey



Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease

Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease

Current Issue: 2024, Volume 34, Issue 2


Fatma Ayça Gültekin

Research Article

Partial Versus Total Mesorectal Excision for the Surgical Treatment of Mid-Rectal Cancer: An Assessment from the Turkish Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery’s Colorectal Cancer Database
Volkan Özben, Nuri Okkabaz, Turkish Colorectal Cancer Database Study Group

Outcomes of Loose Seton Followed by Fistulotomy in Transsphincteric Perianal Fistulas: A Retrospective Study
Ömer Faruk Bük, Sönmez Ocak, Mehmet Alperen Avcı, Can Akgün, Mine Gizem Bidil

General Surgeons’ Approach to Pilonidal Abscess in Turkey: Results of a Nationwide Survey
İbrahim Halil Özata, Çiğdem Arslan, Salih N. Karahan, Cihad Tatar, Ishak Aydın, Ramazan Kozan, Ali Cihat Yıldırım, Cemil Burak Kulle, Taner Kıvılcım, İbrahim Ethem Cakcak, Serkan Zenger, Yusuf Sevim, Sezgin Zeren, Erdinç Kamer

Case Report

A Rare Case of Malignant Perivascular Epithelioid Cell Tumor Mimicking Ovarian Cancer
Sami Acar, Çağıl Karaevli

Goblet Cell Adenocarcinoma of the Appendix: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Beliz Bahar Karaoğlan, Cihangir Akyol, Berna Savaş, Güngör Utkan


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